Safemoon Cash — New Marketing Structure

Safemoon Cash $SMC
2 min readMay 22, 2021


Play your part!

Introducing a brand new structure for our marketing operation:
We will be maximizing global outreach and giving the entire world an opportunity to be part of our journey to 25% of Safemoon’s MC!

As you all know our marketing has been far-reaching! Major TikTok, Youtube and Twitter crypto influencers from all over the world are doing $SMC promo’s every single day.
We were endorsed by Playboy models, Juicy J, platinum producer Young Troy and many other celebrities. We’ve launched major Twitter, TikTok and Youtube giveaways. In addition, you may have listened in on our consistent informal Community AMA’s or AMA’s with our launched exchanges. We are continuously boosting posts on many subReddits. We’ve launched our own Merch Store. And we are JUST getting started!

In the meantime, we have been setting up Telegram groups for many different countries/geographies to strengthen our outreach in their local crypto markets. These communities have grown rapidly and are becoming more and more (pro)active. Our community really is special. And it means the world to us. Without you, we would not be here. Community members have shown passion and dedication to our cause in areas like dedicated shilling, songs made for Safemoon Cash, graphic design, informative blogs, and much more!

It is now time to take the next step and structure our marketing operation to maximize global outreach further. We learned that marketing on Youtube, Twitter and Telegram is the most effective. Many investors get acquainted with our project via influencers from within their own countries.

In our new marketing structure, the Chief of Marketing leads the Marketing Team. Under the Marketing Team, 4 Coordinators of continents are responsible for leading the Lieutenants from (for now) 29 countries. These Lieutenants will be the (marketing) leaders of their country, using the Safemoon Cash local Telegram groups for acquiring as much input for the local marketing operation as possible. The Lieutenants will provide opportunities for both online and offline marketing to his/her Coordinator, who will gather all input and forward it to the Marketing Team.

We are convinced our new and unparalleled Marketing Structure will give Safemoon Cash an incredible boost on the journey that lies ahead of us of reaching 25% of Safemoon’s peak market capitalisation. Our community is the key to our success, and with this new structure, we can optimize all these wonderful initiatives from all of you.

Interested in a volunteer position as Coordinator or Lieutenant?
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