Safemoon Cash is, in short, a rug-proof, ownership renounced, community driven project that will bring rivalry to Safemoon with positive vibes only. Bitcoin Cash reached an ATH of 0.25 Bitcoin. Our first goal is for Safemoon Cash to reach 25% of Safemoon’s peak market capitalisation. We are fully committed and determined to make this happen.

And we are deadly serious: We believe our tokenomics are superior and so is our community. Safemoon Cash is 100% community-driven. There is no dev/marketing fund. When required, the community rallies together to raise funds. We have an incredibly dedicated community, who all bring a multitude of skills to the table. Our core team consists of tech enthusiasts, graphic designers, software fanatics, and marketing specialists who are all passionate about cryptocurrency. The strength of our team was beautifully described by one of our followers on Twitter:

We can’t do it without our community, however — everybody is invited to help us reach our first goal: .25 Safemoon. We are always looking for graphic designers, developers, community moderators, marketing strategists, social media managers and anybody else that can push us forward! You can join us on Telegram, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, TikTok and Instagram. With the help of our community, not just the sky, but the galaxy is the limit. Everybody is welcome, everybody is equal. Get on board and prepare for the greatest adventure of our lifetimes!


Safemoon Cash was stealth-launched by members of the BSC community late April 2021 after Safemoon reached a market cap of over four billion dollars. With its high transaction tax, it’s the early holders of Safemoon that profit most. Safemoon Cash gives holders passive rewards through static reflection. By staking Safemoon Cash in a pool, it raises its own capital, ensuring liquidity. We believe our tokenomics are superior to those of our big brother.

  • 4% transaction tax. Safemoon Cash is built on strong tokenomics. Every Safemoon Cash transaction incurs a 4% tax to the benefit of all.
  • 2% distributed to all holders.
  • 2% automatically to liquidity. 2% of each transaction is locked away in the Safemoon Cash liquidity pool, to create a steadily rising price floor.
  • The transaction limit is 490,000,000,000,000 SAFEMOONCASH.
  • Total supply is 100,000,000,000,000,000 SAFEMOONCASH.

We burned the liquidity when we started the token. This is renounce ownership at its finest. Check the transaction here. Ownership renouncement tx can be found here.


In addition to our previously released MOONMAP (click here), we can announce the following updates for Q2 2021:

  • Introduction of the Safemoon Cash Governance token (SMCG) and the Safemoon Cash Governance interface. SMCG holders can help shape the future of Safemoon Cash by influencing decisions concerning the project, such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals (i.e. MOONMAP, hiring and staffing, charities, changes to governance parameters). Safemoon Cash is 100% community driven and with SMCG, the community is in charge.
  • Yield farming protocol: Farm SMCG using SAFEMOONCASH. This will lock up SAFEMOONCASH, thus decreasing selling pressure and increasing liquidity.
  • Interface on our website with our LP pool to easily add to the BNB/SAFEMOONCASH pair.

In Q3 we will further increase utility of the Safemoon Cash ecosystem by introducing an AMM contract to easily exchange/swap on our website.

We have increased the number of developers on our team to specifically work on the MOONMAP updates as mentioned above. Our MOONMAP is however not static, we are open to all suggestions regarding development and strategy to help increase the Safemoon Cash ecosystem.


Safemoon Cash is 10 days old. Yes, we’re young. A lot happened though. Among other things:

  • Formed a team of 11 driven individuals (Mission Control)+ several community moderators (Safe Spacers).
  • We did numerous legendary raids with our community. Total krieg stuff.
  • We got endorsements from adult model Richelle Ryan (3.2M followers on Instagram), 4x Playboy cover Playmate Tayler Mercier (272K followers on Instagram) and Playboy Playmate Yulia Foxx (355K followers on Instagram).
  • Applied for CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio and Delta.
  • Logo on Trust Wallet.
  • Applied for a Whitebit listing and negotiating terms.
  • Set up a price waterfall bot.
  • The amazing Morgan Marshall (43K followers) did 4 TikToks about us. We are kind of fond of her. Additionally, big TikTokkers such as Alex Podulucky (45K followers) and Skyz (276K followers) endorsed us. We saw many other TikToks about Safemoon Cash as well.
  • We got promoted by numerous Twitter influencers.
  • Young Troy (platinum producer) gave us a shoutout on his song To The Moon. We made a video clip starring Safemoon Cash.
  • Set up a professional Discord.
  • Numerous giveaways.

Some (amazing) stats:

  • ~9K holders
  • >3K Telegram group members
  • ~1.7K Twitter followers. Our Tweets earned ~300K impressions.
  • ~1050 Instagram followers
  • ~750 Discord members
  • ~500 TikTok followers. Hashtag interaction: ~125K.


Rome was not build in one day. Our team is in this project for the long run. We do want to emphasise the fact that Binance Smart Chain tokens can be highly speculative and volatile investments. We will see highs and lows in the future that is to come. Just know that our team is in this to change lives and make history, so we will work as hard as possible to make that happen. We realise that trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose. We are dedicated to gain and keep your trust.

General information in this Medium post is in no way meant as financial advice. The individual voluntary contributors to this project are not responsible, and cannot be held accountable, for any present or future risk involved with your personal investment into Safemoon Cash or in other projects that are mentioned on this website. DeFi products, on the Binance smart chain or other chains, are considered a “high risk / high reward” investment and thus follow the golden rules: never invest more than you can afford to lose and do your own research (DYOR).



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