Safemoon Cash $SMC
2 min readJun 25, 2021


After a thorough vetting process, we got the go ahead from 🥳🚀

Three steps before we can get listed:
✅ Set up legal entity (LLC)
✅ Legal opinions from USA, EU and Singapore lawyers
⚠️ Listing fee of 100K $SMC, used for Online Marketing and Promotion Activities would be our first Tier 1 exchange and is strategically of huge importance. The exchange is ranked in the top 10 on CMC and CG and is, in contrast with our current exchanges, accessible to US-based traders 🇺🇸! Gate is especially used by experienced investors, making investing in Safemoon Cash possible for a new and important target group of investors not familiar with BSC. Projects that get listed on in general see a boost in trading volume as well as market cap. Safemoon Cash getting listed on just 2 months after launching the token would be a major milestone and prove (once again) that Safemoon Cash is here to stay!


The listing fee is 100K in SMC. This will be used exclusively (100%) by for marketing and promotional activities, so this will benefit us all. With the explosion in popularity of cryptocurrency investment this year it is of course no surprise that all the (centralised) exchanges involved with cryptocurrency trading have hiked their listing prices. The team of Safemoon Cash paid the listing fees for LBank, Bibox, Hotbit and XT, but given Gate’s listing fee is in SMC, we have decided this should be a joint effort with the Safemoon Cash community. And again: a listing on may cause a spike in interest in SMC, so your donation helps your own investment!

How to donate

▶️ Go to and follow the required steps. We have created a visual tracking “thermometer” to track totals donated to this crowdfund.
▶️ Donate SMC or any other BSC token manually and directly: 0xd49bE221b995d2c943Ea7fF7813e408e364aE560

With manual donations, please send the exact amount the website Checkout page provides. Donations in other BSC tokens will force us to sell for SMC, thus increasing the price of SMC.

Any donations to this crowdfund will be spent directly on the exchange listing. Should we exceed our target of 100K $SMC, any remaining funds or future donations to the address will be used for achieving the next exchange, which will be BitMart, who are asking a 50K USDT fee. Excess SMC funds will be used for marketing.